Table Pads Pattern Kits

If your table has a unique shape, (is not round, square/rectangle with square 90° corners) then we will not require a pattern from you.  We can custom make your table pads to fit perfectly just with unique shapes and sizes.

To save time, check to see if your manufacturer is on our list below. We keep over 10,000 patterns on file. Then, email us and tell us the manufacturer’s name and the shape, make, and model number of your table and we can see if we have your pattern in our database and save you time on having to trace your table. Often the manufacturer will stamp the model number on the underside of the table top.


Table Manufacturers

A+, A American, AICO, AIG, Alari, Alexvale, Alf, Almira, American Drew, American of Martinsville, Amesbury, Amish Heritage, Amini, Amindo, Amish Heirloom, AMW Trading, AMYX, Ancor, Ansanger, Antique Creations, Aplus, Arc, Arcese, Ardley Hall, Arhaus, Aryanna, Ashley, Athol, Athome

Baker, Baronet, Barewood, Barn Antiques, Bassett, Baumritter, Bausman, Bedard, Beechbrook, Bell, Bella, Benny Linden, Bentwood, Bently, Bernhardt, Bermex, Bevan Funnel, Bexley Heath, Bombay Company, Borkholder, Boyd, Brititsh Traditions, Brandt, Bridges, Brown Street, Broyhill, Burlington, Bushline

C&E Furniture, C&W Cabinet, Cal Style, Caldwell, California Oak, Camel, Canal Dover, Canadel, Capricco, Cardinal of California, Carrier, Marge Carson, Casa Stradavari, Casa Bella, Century, Chaircraft, Champions, Chatham, Chromcraft, Classic, Cleremont, Collingwood, Cochrane, COG, Colonial, Colonial House, Colibri, Collezione, Conant Ball, Concepts, Container Marketing, Corolla Classics, Corsini, Craftique, Craftsman, Craftsman Pine, Crawford, Cresent, Creative Metal Table, Crossroads, Crown Mark, Custom Style

D-Scan, DATG, Danish, Davis, DC Furniture, DFI, DFIC, Design Institute America, Dico/Mex, Dielcraft, Dimension Oak, Dinaire, Dino, Dixie, Dobbs, Douglas, Double D, Dr. Dimes, Drexel Heritage, D’Scan, Dunbar, Dyrlund, Dystrom

Eagle, Edrich Mills, El Dorado Furniture, Eldered Wheeler, Elkins, Ello, Erbuck, Ethan Allen, Excelsior, Extro

Fairmont, Fancher, Ferguson Copeland, Feslers, Ficks Reed, Filene, Floridian, Forslund, Founders Fathers, Frye, Franklin, Franklin Network, Fraenkel, French Heritage, Fremarc, Frey, Furnicraft

Gaines McHale, LJ Gascho, Gasgo, Gervais, Gibbard, GID, Giovanni, Giorgio, Glass Arts, Glass Form, Global, Good Old Design, Gudme, Gulden, GR, Grafco, GSC

Habersham, Hake Woodcraft, Hale, Hammary, Harden, Harrington House, Hickory Chair, Heilig-Meyers, Hekman, Henredon, Henkel Harris, Hespler, Heywood-Wakefield, Hickory, Highland House, High Point Woodworking, Hippo, Hitchcock, Holland House, Homeline, Hood, Hooker, Horizon, HPL, Hunt Country, Hyundia

International Furniture Corp., IFM, Imarc, I.M. David, Impo, Interline, Intercontinental, IPF, IPSwich, Italia, Italian Import

Jamestown, Jamco, JBW, JCPenney, John Scott, John Boyd

Kalanik, Karges, Kaufman, Keller, Kettle Creek, Keystone, Kinders, Kimball, Kincaid, Kindel, Kingcraft, Kittenger, Klaussner, Kroehler, Kushwood

L&S Imports, La Mueble Village, Labarge, Lacks, Lacquer Craft, Lamens, Lane, Leandra, LAO, AA Laun, Leda, Lehigh, Leister, Lemier, Lexington, Liberty, Lifestyle/California, Ligna, Lineage, Lombroso/Mex, Lorts,

MAB, Madison Square, Maitland Smith, Majestic, Manchester, Marlos, Martex, Marcello, Master Design, Mastercraft, Maurice Villency, Maxel, McDavid, Meadowvale, Micheals, Midwest, Midwest Woodworking, Millender, Milling Road, Millenium, Mission, Mobican, Mobel, Montalabano Majestic, Montgomery Street, Moosehead, MST, Mt. Airy

Najarian, Nichols Stone, New Jersey Wholesale, Noble, Northwind, Northern Harvest, Nostalgia, Nova Luna

Oakwood Ind., Oak Craft, Oak Express, Oak Heritage, Old Thistle

Pacific Motif, Patina, Pennsylvania House, Penn Classic, Pennsburg, Phillip Bell, Philadelphia, Pilliod, Platt, Port Morris, Poundex, Powell, Progressive, Pulaski

Quality Dinette, Quaker Oak, Quality/Mex, Queen Ann

Ramington House, Regal, Regency, Rex, Richardson, Richards, Riverside, Roanoke, Robinson, Rocky, Romweber, Rosh John, Rougier, Rossi, Roxton, Royala Pacific, Royal Patina, Royal Oak, RS Manufacturing, Ruebens

Salem, Saloom, Sanberg, San Giacomo, San Giorgio, S. Bent, Scheider, SDW, Seay, Seelay, Shermag, Sheng Jing Wood, Singer, SK Products, Sklar, Skovby, Slater, South Beach, Southern Reproductions, South Hampton, Sprague Carlton, Stanley, Standard, Statton, Steve Silver, Stewart, Stickley, Saint Johns, Strongsom, Strathroy, Stylecraft, Sumter Cabinet Co., Superior, Swaim, Symonds

Taubus, Tell City, Temple Stuart, Thayer Coggin, Thomasville, Thomas Moser, Ticana, TII International, Tradition House, Travertine, Trinity, Trogdon, Turano

Union City, United, Union National, Unique, Universal, Unlimited Imports, USWDC, U.S. Furniture

Value It, Valley View, Value City, Vargas, Vaughn, Vaughn-Bassett, Vejle, E.J. Victor, Victorian, Villageois, Villency, Virginia House, Viva, V.R. Furniture

Wambold, Waterford, Waterhill, Webb, Weiman, Wellington Hall, West, Wexford, White, Whitaker, Whittington, Widdicomb, Williams, William Micheal,Winners Only, Woodward & Lothrop, Wondercraft, Woodlee, Wood Design West, World Import, Wright

Yee Shen, Yu Wei

Zims Table

Pattern Instructions

Follow These Six Easy Steps:

  1. Line Pattern paper up with the split in the table where the two halves meet. If there is no split measure and mark the exact half way point on the pattern paper, or you can trace the entire table. If your table is large and the provided paper is not big enough to cover at least half your table, you can always tape on some extra paper of your choice, old wrapping paper, butchers paper etc.
  2. Place books or heavy objects on the pattern paper to keep it from sliding or wrinkling on you.  ( low tact masking tape will work too, if you want to try to hold paper in place).
  3. Trace the outline of the table ( top flat surface only) by doing a rubbing with the flat side (not the point) of a pencil or dark crayon to reveal the edge. Do not include decorative molding around perimeter or sloped edges (see diagram below) and do not include extension leaves.
  4. Your pattern should measure within 1/8″ of table measurements due to creases in the paper. Please check for accuracy by using a metal or wood ruler as cloth rulers may stretch or shrink.
  5. Make sure you write your name and phone number on the pattern paper prior to mailing it to us.
  6. If your table has straight sides and ends with patterned corners, a corner tracing is all we need for a pattern as long as at least five inches of the straight portion shows on both ends of the curve. You will also need to label which is the side and which is the end so they don’t get reversed.

Remember – patterns are not required for round tables and straight edge tables with square 90° corners.


Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

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